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The first years of life are important in a child's foundation. Early stimulation plays a critical role in the process of brain formation and enabling future learning experiences.

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 In order to achieve healthy physical and mental development, all babies and toddlers need good nutrition, strong supportive families and positive early learning experiences.

A combination of nutrition and cognitive stimulation is required at early ages to maximize neuron connections.  Proper nutrition is needed in utero and during the first few years of life for brain development to take place -- thus making it possible for children to learn and lead healthy lives. Yet the human brain cannot develop to its full potential with nutrition alone. Early stimulation plays a critical role in the process of brain formation and in supporting neural activity.

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Children need an emotionally stable environment; otherwise they operate in survival mode, which focuses energy away from learning.
To help end cognitive, emotional and nutritional deprivation and provide developing countries with the tools they need to succeed requires many hands. 
​ While you can volunteer directly by traveling to Guatemala and helping us provide mothers groups with materials and interventions they require, there's also much you can do without ever leaving town. Contact us to learn more about opportunities and ideas for donating, fundraising, hosting events, buying gifts, and involving your school, church or company.


Chronic malnutrition during the first years of life not only leaves stomachs empty, but worse, it keeps children from reaching their physical and cognitive potential - and these effects are sadly irreversible later in life. Giving food high in micronutrients is essential to creating proper brain development and a healthy life.

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