Wendy Sactic


Wendy is a mother and elementary school teacher, in training on ECD and assisting the work of both Magda and Flory groups. Wendy has helped us in the past with the anthropometric measurements and cognitive evaluation of the children in the program. 

Our Board of Directors

Carlos Villagran - President

Andrea de Sáenz - Vice-president

Ximena de Pemueller - Secretary

Claudia Herrera - Treasury

Estefanía Boppel Biguria - Vocal 1

Belia Meneses - Vocal 2

Johanna Berninger - Vocal 3

Floridalma Subuyuj


Flory is a mother and elementary school teacher. She is continuing her studies of Psychology at the Mariano University in Antigua. Her interest for the program lead her to support other mothers in the groups becoming a mother leader for her community and now also part of our team.

Johana Subuyuj

Assistant Facilitator

Johana has recently joined our team. She is an elementary school teacher and has learned English through a scholarship program of Dos Pinos. She works along side all of our facilitators.

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Johanna Berninger

Executive Director

Johanna has a Masters in Psychology and has been a teacher at the preschool and elementary level.  Her experience is also in Human Resources.  As director, Johanna oversees all operations and has been supporting nonprofit work in Guatemala for more than 18 years.

Magdalena Choxin


Magda is an elementary school teacher and is finishing her studies in Psychology at Mariano University in Guatemala city. Magda visits small towns every week to teach mothers ways to stimulate and provide better nutrition to their children. She graduated from high school with a Cooperative for Education scholarship.


Isabel Garcés

Program Coordinator

Isabel has a Masters in Research and in Psychology. She has been conducting research and teaching at university level for more than 15 years. Isabel coordinates and plans the program's pedagogic curriculum, trains teachers, and supervises programming. 

Meet our Staff and Board of Directors

Gabriela Amado

Development Coordinator

Gaby has a Masters in Psychoanalysis and has been supporting nonprofit work in Guatemala for more than 10 years. She has extensive experience in both private clinics and rural communities. Gaby assists in program trainings, fundraisers, and organizes special events and visits.

Cristian Alvarez

Accountant and Administrator

Cristian has a degree in Accounting and soon to finish Auditing from Universidad Rafael Landivar. He has extended experience with non-profit organizations. Cristian is overseeing all accounting and administrating sustainability and various aspects of the program.